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Finishing touches

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Finishing touches Empty Finishing touches

Post  Fight Designer on Wed Jan 30, 2008 3:00 pm

Thought I'd share a little trick I picked up in dealing with airsoft and rubber guns (and I'll cross-post this).

The challenge is making them look real, of course, when they're ABS
plastic or rubber. Coloring is only half of it- an important half of
course, and I often try to weather things (a little silvery streaking
where things would slide together or where bluing might be rubbed off
by holster draws), add details (red dot on the safety, white dots on
the sights), etc.

The finish needs to last, though, and it needs to have the right
sheen. I've taken to using a thin finish of black shoe polish over the
spraypaint, rubber, or ABS if I want it to look like metal. Not only
does this help give it a better polished steel look, it also protects
the paint (can't have that orange barrel show!) and makes it easier to
draw from a leather holster; those rubber guns can get kinda sticky in
a holster, otherwise.

Recently did this for a cheapie plastic airsoft gun in a play. There's
one blank firing gun and one dummy gun, and it was important to me as
fight director that the audience not know until the end of the play if
either gun was going to be fired or not. Having one of them be metal
and the other obviously rubber would have given away a bit of a twist
at the end.

Anyone have other tricks that work well for them?
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