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Silencers on blank firers ?

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Silencers on blank firers ? Empty Silencers on blank firers ?

Post  phobus on Mon Mar 03, 2008 1:54 pm

I must confess to being amazed and delighted to find you could buy these for blank fire pistols .

I read about them first on a German gun website - I can find the name of it if anyone is interested and I must confess it is a superb reference for older blank firers plus air and CO2 guns.

The irony of a silencer on a gun whos only function is to go BANG seems ludicrous but of course I wanted one straight away . Who would,nt , right ? cyclops

Unfortunately they only work on forward ventors of course , and screw into the threads inside the muzzle where the flare adapter goes - a bit worrying as the threads are only a few millimetres across . Not much for the Sil, to bite onto .. No

There is one made by ROHM which fits the Umarex / Walther models and I thought they would be straight through but they have a type of internal baffle system which does the " silencing " - on the paperwork it says : Silencing values ; Muzzle Flash - 100% , Gas pressure - 100% , Report approx, - 37% . Cool .

This reduction is impressive but still pretty LOUD I would imagine and nothing like the " PAFF PAFF " you hear in the movies . I would be interested to know what the legal situation in the US would be regarding these items ??


CARL. rabbit


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Silencers on blank firers ? Empty Re: Silencers on blank firers ?

Post  Fight Designer on Mon Mar 03, 2008 2:41 pm

I imagine it would be sketchy... hard enough just finding front-venting BFGs in the US.

On the other hand, if it's the cosmetics that appeal to you, there are clamp-on metal silencers available for airsoft guns that could work on top-venting models where the barrel clears the slide, like the Beretta 92s. Done that before.
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Fight Designer

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Silencers on blank firers ? Empty silencer

Post  colonel faulkner on Tue Mar 04, 2008 1:43 am

hi all
yer i got a silencer last year,it sit's nice on my p99 (see pic)
?????????? can't seem to up load the dam thing pm me to see it if you like.

colonel faulkner

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Silencers on blank firers ? Empty Re: Silencers on blank firers ?

Post  pitfighter on Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:51 pm

If you want a silencer get one legally and 34 states do allow legal possession if you follow the law, the BF silencer is a silencer, and as such would get you prison time for an illegally owned one, be responsible and smart.
If you make movies, and need quieter loads they are available and a different sized choke you can run semi-automatics with quarter loads, or rent a non-gun, or use a soft air-gun and CG in the muzzle flash, there actually isn't a muzzle flash from a real silenced weapon anyway, only if you use blanks. The internal baffles that absorb the sonic crack also absorb the muzzle flash, I've see thousand of rounds fired through real moderated weapons and never seen a muzzle flash, this is beside the point if you want one for your production though, but there are alternatives to using a real can, keep safe and legal, ATf is spot checking productions in LA and elsewhere.

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Silencers on blank firers ? Empty Re: Silencers on blank firers ?

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