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Post  Fight Designer on Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:20 pm

Just wanted to highlight my appreciation for one of the features of the new Umarex and Eckols revolvers- whereas the old Bruni and Kimar blank firing revolvers I had either had a flat slab right in front of the cylinder or a wedge to deflect the blast from the blank. The former could get worn down/blasted away over time when using full load blanks- had that happen on a couple Pythons. The latter was more durable, but didn't look quite right in closeup.

Both of those though had gasses venting in a spray pattern out to both sides.

The Umarex (S&W Chief's Special) and Eckols (Viper 2") revolvers I've got both have what starts out as a real barrel, blocked further down, and with a small vent hole in the top- similar to what the plugged-barrel semi-autos have, but a bit smaller perhaps.

Not only does this seem better for the durability of the gun and a relatively discreet modification, but it's also nice from a safety standpoint. The play I just finished rehearsals for (opens tomorrow) is the first I've used one of these revolvers in, and it involves a couple close-range shootings. Very nice to have the ability to predict where the blast will vent. With a side-venting revolver, aiming off to the side of a person's face doesn't help if you're still close enough they could catch some blast from the side of the gun. With this, I can just do the cheat-upstage-for-safety aiming, and angle the gun so it vents even further upstage. Also don't have to worry as much about arms and such being alongside the gun when it goes off.

Granted, I still want to and do build in other safety measures into the scene to make sure nobody is catching a blast of unspent powder in the eye, having a blank go off near an eardrum, etc, but the extra control is very nice.

Revolvers Ekolsteel2in

Only time will tell, but these feel like they'll be more durable than the Pythons or Kimar 'Competitive' starter pistols as well.
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