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Introductions Empty Introductions

Post  Fight Designer on Tue Mar 04, 2008 4:38 pm

This seems to be the most popular (and populated) of the forums, as expected, so I'll get things started here.

I'm just curious who you all are- some of you I know, either from in-person contact in the stage combat/stunt world, or online from other forums, but especially in the anonymous online world, it's hard to know who we have represented here. I know I've sent out invitations on several stage combat and stunt and prop forums, and also invited people who run import businesses that sell blank firing guns...

So, in the interest of familiarity and doing a sort of skills/experience inventory... who are you?

For my part, my name is Kevin Inouye. I run a prop weaponry rental business, do fight choreography, gun wrangling, etc for theatre and indie film in Seattle, WA, USA (and occasionally elsewhere).
More on me at or
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