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What's in a name?

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What's in a name? Empty What's in a name?

Post  Fight Designer on Fri Mar 28, 2008 11:51 pm

This goes a bit beyond just dummy guns, but it seemed the best home of the categories I've created for this forum.

Been working with my wife (a freelance designer who set up originally) on a re-design. Need to cut out some of my wordiness, reorganize, make more user-friendly. Brainstorming re-organization now, and looking for help.

What’s a good, readily understood by everyone kind of term for a non-firing gun with moving parts? I generally see them referred to as working props by others in the biz, but some not ’in the biz’ have said they’d expect a ’working prop’ gun to actually be able to fire.

The category I’m trying to name could include airsoft guns, Denix replicas, de-commissioned blank firing models, etc... maybe you can remove a magazine, cock a hammer, spin a cylinder, pull a trigger, but when you do the latter it just goes click; Differentiated from solid rubber or resin or cast aluminum guns, which have no moving parts, from blank firing or cap firing guns, and from gas or electric blowback guns.

For that matter, what are the most useful distinctions? At the moment I’m thinking a few basic categories as separate pages (Muzzleloaders, revolvers, semi-auto handguns, shotguns & rifles) with sub-categories for blank firing, cap firing, blowback, solid (dummy? what’s the best word for that also?) and... working props, or whatever they should be called.

Seems like in choosing, the process usually starts with a general idea of what it needs to look like, to what it needs to do, to more specifically what you want it to look like or do.

Some of the usual categories used in shops that sell these say more about the markets (WWII re-enactors, civil war re-enactors, etc) than about the props (1911s were used far past WWII, and both that and PPK style guns are still in common use today). Some of them are slight mis-nomers, but when you get too nitpicky there’s going to be some of that- okay, maybe that ’old west revolver’ is actually a muzzle-loader using black powder, and that ’flintlock’ (another commonly used category) is actually a caplock, wheel-lock, matchlock, etc. I’m caught between the majority of clients who just don’t know or care the difference, and my own desire to stick with accurate information and come across as knowing what I’m talking about to those few who do know the difference.
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