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Slightly off topic... Image permissions?

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Slightly off topic... Image permissions? Empty Slightly off topic... Image permissions?

Post  Fight Designer Fri May 23, 2008 4:09 pm

Wasn't sure where to fit this within my own forums!
This kinda crosses over forum themes, but since the WMA community probably deals with images from old manuals more than most, it seemed a good place to ask...

I've been combing through some of my books to find pictures of a
particular fighting stance. I already contacted Tony Wolf about one from the Bartitsu Compendium of two old pugilists... but would anyone here happen to know the rules, laws, or etiquette regarding the use of old images like that? This is hopefully for publication in The Fight Master, the journal of the Society of American Fight Directors, and the last thing I need is someone or their publisher deciding to press charges for stealing their work. I'm also looking at some Tallhoffer, Fiore, Gladitorie and other manuals of long-dead people, but with copies coming from published works or organizational websites like the AEMMA or ARMA (who actually tried to ban me from their site years ago, so I really don't want to do anything to piss JC off again). What have you had to do in order to use old images in your articles? What's the best way to get decent resolution copies?

For what it's worth, here's the kind of thing I'm thinking of.
Hopefully you can view them without having to be logged in to MySpace-
that was just the easiest place for me to upload these photos:

Slightly off topic... Image permissions? L_4962a3eff4b4f6ca26fd15743f878585
Slightly off topic... Image permissions? L_4b7e48e35d778e81e92f2991967bfd13
Slightly off topic... Image permissions? L_967f4ebc44b2de98fee908af954588b1

The general argument I'm making with the images is that firearms for stage should demonstrate a fighting stance just as much as any other weapon should- and the images I've found mirror that of one I'll be photographing of myself with an M4 carbine with forward grip.

Thanks in advance for any help, and apologies to anyone who gets this
message multiple times.


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